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No more wasting time, and manage more project at the same time for workers and clients

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Nowadays, in Kenya and other neighbor countries, there are more constructions along developments.


But the construction process is still intermittent, for example:

  • Projection – Procurement
  • Procurement – Work schedule
  • Work schedule – Client

That makes unnecessary time & work load.

For saving money and time on every project, we are developing a new AI-driven marketplace.



Summary of this project


The specifications are devided into 3 phases on the project :

Value map
  • Phase 1
    • Marketplace
  • Phase 2
    • Auto-order
    • Proactive customer support
    • Payment control
  • Phase 3
    • Logistic alliance
    • Project scheduling
    • HR management


We are planning to launch alpha version in Q2 2023


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