look, think and move with fresh view

Look, think and move with fresh view

Don’t stick too much to existing ideas held by others

I have been involved in community development activities for many years, such as infrastructure development support in rural communities in Japan, France, Italy and several African countries.

In the process, I found out “excessive adherence to Existing ideas” is one of the common factors to the projects that do not continue to be effective over the medium to long term.

“Existing ideas” here, for example

  • Fully imported systems from abroad
  • Rights of large organizations
  • The idea that people think “this will never change”
  • Common sense from 10 or 20 years ago

This may be true for those above who were born and have lived in the same place.

We respect their way of life.

Therefore, we continue to interview people who are suffering socially or economically and ask them how we can help them.

We begin by discussing with them what they can achieve one to five years from now when their social and economic problems have been resolved.

Change your life for better way

Creating positive “change” from a new angle for habitants

To achieve this, we use the habitant’s thoughts as the basis for the discussion.

This company activities are not based on existing ideas, but rather on cutting-edge technologies that offer new approaches and our skills.

We believe that we are valuable by creating “change” that is pleasant and interesting for habitants in the near future.

And the company, Yellproject Ltd., has been established as a means of realizing this desire.


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